‘Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead’ (Post Production) coming 2018 Writer/Producer/Director/Editor – Antony D. Lane

Sam Peterson returns to his hometown of Little Grimsby after a 15 year absence, he’s a broken man looking for redemption, but is he too late to fix an even more broken family?.

Director of Photography – Josh White
Head of Make Up & Prosthetics – Kate Griffiths
Sound & Practical Mist Effects – Danny Allen
Original Film Score – Kennedy & White
1st Assistant Director – Ian Vaughan Jones
Head of PR – Whitescreen Promotions
Tech Support – Jonn Blanchard

This is a twelve year passion project from Indie filmmaker Antony D. Lane, who has put blood, sweat & several breakdowns into a very personal project that on the outside may look like a brutal as hell horror film, but on the inside there is a real heartbreaking story of a man who loses everything, looking for redemption but finds he’s just too late to make a difference. This is a real character driven film inspired by such movies as This Is England, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Phantasm, The Shining, The Fog, Dawn of the Dead and They Live.

More than just a film project, it has over the years become somewhat of an intense art project taking the medium of filmmaking to a new level. The idea has been to let the films evolution be driven by outside influences, like for example, if one or more of Antony’s actors had to leave the project it would be up to him to still make the film work, to adapt the script to include this. Over the years making this project has had a detrimental effect on Antony’s mental & physical health, but like with any artist he would channel everything bad that was happening to him & would incorporate that into the films story & let his characters take on his mental pain, thus giving the film a much more gritty, edgy and realistic feel to it.

This was one of the first if not THE first feature films to solely & fully use twitter to independently raise their films budget, offering fans exclusive perks for supporting the film & keeping it 100% independent. Antony would use his own website doing epic no sleep fundraisers every month for 3 years, from 2009-2012, ranging from 50-106 hours & putting his health in danger to not only raise money but awareness at a time when crowdfunding was still in it’s infancy, it meant doing whatever was needed to get the word out.

In 2011, filming began with a stand alone intro sequence in Bulgaria, joining Antony was a skeleton crew of incredible people filled with passion, determination & a very ambitious 7 page script at hand. However, disaster struck very early on when his lead actor failed to turn up at the airport, Antony knew he had to up his creative level in order to overcome a lot of the obstacles thrown at him to make his intro work… but… unfortunately due to unrealistic expectations, Antony returned home with only half of what he needed, leaving him disappointed, frustrated & feeling a failure to those who supported him. It wasn’t until 2016 when an opportunity arose for him to film in an abandoned mental asylum & a shed at the bottom of his garden, that Antony could finally put an end to his 1978 intro sequence.

Main shooting took place between 2014-2018 in & around Kent, UK… the challenge has certainly been continuity, since the film takes place over a 20 hour time frame, also… since there’s a rule of no CGI (keeping the film as real as possible) it’s meant that all night scenes must include practical FX fog/mist, all blood splatter must be real (not quite real), all car scenes must be done without GREEN SCREEN, and all the ZOMBIE like creatures need to be fitted with facial prosthetics that include horror contact lenses & special horror teeth.

One of the issues with a lot of films currently being made (especially by studios or funding bodies) comes down to how much money can be made & how quickly can they make it back, but when you put 12 years of your life into a film project you can guarantee this isn’t a film that’s fuelled by that, but instead of doing something a bit different, fuelled only by telling the best story possible, giving actors a chance to shine & bringing realistic characters to life… this isn’t a film that’s out to make the most money or to tick as many money making boxes as possible, this is a film that’s been primarily made by a group of film fans aimed at the people that matters the most, FILM FANS, people who crave something different, something unique, this is a project that could only be made with the love & support of those amazing people.

Over the years a lot of people have come & gone from the project, with people re-connecting from time to time, but then there’s those who have stuck by Antony for what would probably feel like a lifetime, these include, Frank Jakeman a truly intense character actor who plays the lead Sam Peterson, who also helped to shape the final script, he has been attached since making the promo video back in 2009, Lydia Kay who plays Sam’s daughter Ally, has been with the film since 2011, sound & practical mistmaker Danny Allen has also been with the film since 2011, ‘INVASION’ head of make up Kate Griffiths has been with the project since 2012, the outstanding Neal Ward who plays Lee, the incredible James Fisher who plays Antony Dubont, the raw talent that is Nina Stratford who plays Sam’s ex wife Babs have all been attached since 2014, along with Director of Photography Josh White. To have so many people stick with a project for so many years and for them to stand by & believe in Antony’s vision, is just very overwhelming, that along side every backer who has stuck by him for just as many years, is awe inspiring beyond words, it’s what makes this project so damned special.

‘Invasion of the Not Quite Dead’ has certainly been one hellava personal journey for it’s creator Antony D. Lane but also an incredible experience for anyone who has followed and continues to support him to the finish line, in what will certainly inspire filmmakers for generations to come.

There’s still time to support the film & help AD to get his 12 year passion project to the finish line. For more information please visit: invasionofthenotquitedeadmovie.com 
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‘Wheatus, You Might Die’ (Post Production) coming 2018
Writer/Producer/Director/Camera – Antony D. Lane

This feature length documentary is an 8 year exploration of one of the hardest working independent bands of all time. Antony D. Lane captures a very intimate look at band life on tour as well as back home, with interviews from past members, family, friends, the ex-label. More than just a band documentary, but an exploration into the mind of a true visionary & how he’s been able to keep it together for so many years, absolutely against all odds.

Editor/Producer/Camera – Ian Vaughan Jones
2nd Assistant Camera/Sound – Danny Allen
Tech Support – John Blanchard
Additional Camera – Steve Davis
Additional Camera – Gary Spate
Co-Producer – Andy Pike

In Feb 2010, Brendan B. Brown reached out to Antony D. Lane about collaborating on AD’s debut feature film ‘Invasion of the Not Quite Dead’, a very exciting prospect that has over the years evolved into a very special partnership between the two brands. WHEATUS have a prominent place on the films soundtrack due to one of the main characters Nic being a fan of the band. Nic lives rough in a pillbox & runs a pirate radio station. A very exciting concept has now been pitched to Wheatus that includes a very surreal scene that’ll have several Wheatus songs playing at the same time to best show off the characters mental unwellness.

With Wheatus doing a pay what you want download at wheatus.com & Antony doing his epic no sleep film fundraisers via his own site/twitter, they both had a lot of things in common, so much so, that it just seemed a perfect working relationship for them to join forces. As well as sharing an unrelenting passion for the art, a determination to be fully independent, they also both had a no quit mentality, so it wasn’t a surprise that a friendship & a trust began to form.

To say thank you to Brendan for supporting his film project Antony offered to do some filming for the band later that Summer, as they would be flying over to the UK for their 10th anniversary tour. So after a cheeky bit of back & forth about filming some behind the scenes at various different gigs across the country Antony jokingly/nervously/excitedly asked if there was a space on the bus for him… to his shock/surprise/excitement, the answer came back “YES, OF COURSE” so Antony packed a weeks worth of clothes and headed out. It was however to Antony’s surprise that he would end up doing the entire 5 week UK tour that ended in Austria on his 32nd birthday, this would be a real once in a lifetime experience.

Not one to miss an opportunity, Antony would spend every waking moment filming, at first he wasn’t sure what his limitations were, so he just kept shooting, in what soon became an intimate look at a behind the scenes of one of the hardest working independent bands.

Since Antony was a lone shooter, with a special rig that helped him to capture high quality sound attached to his DSLR, it meant he was able to shoot more intimately, it meant he was able to blend in more, become part of the family, he would just be a fly on the wall, capturing the hustle & bustle of every day life with a fully independent band on their anniversary tour.

When Antony received the email in February 2010 from original Wheatus member BBB, he had an inkling who it was, an excited voice in the back of his head said, “TEENAGE DIRTBAG? no, can’t be”… after a quick google search, he was ever so pleasantly surprised… it was the very same band that took the UK by storm in 2001, in fact it was the same band that played at Antony’s summer university ball in 2002 and so like most people he was a huge fan of their two main SINGLE hits, ‘DIRTBAG’ & ‘Little Respect’, but was incredibly surprised they was still going strong, as they’d not had any top 10 hits in the following years, this would be an ongoing theme during the tour with so many, “BUT WHAT DID HAPPEN TO WHEATUS?”.

Something special happened on the 2010 tour, but it wasn’t just the filming of the behind the scenes, but instead it was during the down time hours, when speaking with members of the band, Antony would spend hours talking to them about the history of the band & what original member BBB has had to go through to keep the band alive over the years, it was an inspirational story that Antony felt was worth telling. So behind the scenes of him doing behind the scenes, he started to interview everyone on the tour bus. It wasn’t until Antony had got home & put a little teaser promo together that BBB saw the potential in what Antony wanted to do… a few months later, Antony gets an email saying “HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME TO NEW YORK & GET THE UNTOLD STORY” & so in 2011 Antony did just that.

As with any good documentary, it began to evolve more & more as time would go on, what began as a little promo video then turned into a band documentary, but with Antony flying over to New York, it then evolved again into something much deeper, it was like KUBRICK himself had planted a monolith straight into Antony’s head, now he had two passion projects, this was becoming something very special & exciting. The interviews he got told an incredible back story, having access to Brendan’s family opened the documentary up to a much more personal level. Antony left New York very overwhelmed with the footage he’d captured, but at the same time he knew there was a much bigger documentary than he could ever have imagined. Just before leaving New York Antony was asked if he’d be joining them on the 2011 UK tour, without hesitation he excitedly said “YES I’d LOVE to”

One of the great things about Antony having had the opportunity to film the 2010, 2011 & 2017 tours is how different each one has been, from Brendan frantically tour managing 2010, to then only assisting in 2011 to now in recent years he’s handed the reigns to an incredible tour manager called Mike Doyle who takes a lot of stress off BBB’s shoulders. It’s amazing to see the difference & evolution of not only the tours but how Brendan has changed over the years also.

In 2015 a long time supporter of Antony’s ‘INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD’ Ian Vaughn Jones messaged him to see if he needed any help with the documentary, he was an original FROG & exactly what the documentary needed, not only an extra pair of hands but also someone who understood the bands timeline & origins. After a very quick chat with WHEATUS fan club president (the amazing) Jane Greenwood, who vouched for Ian being a swell guy, Antony & Ian met up to discuss the documentary & what was needed to make it be the best it can be, which meant the documentary was once again evolving.

With a rough edit starting to come together, it became very apparent that the documentary needed a few more key interviews, including a main up to date interview from Brendan… So the decision was made for Antony, Ian & long time supporter Danny Allen to head out on a 5000 mile Summer road trip to film as many Wheatus gigs as possible & to also get as many interviews from the current touring band. On the last day of the tour, an interview took place with Brendan, but it just didn’t feel right, with a documentary as deep & as personal as this one was, Antony just didn’t feel he’d got what he needed, this could have been due to it being the last day of the tour & only a small window before BBB needed to do a sound check, it could have been the fact that it was outside with people walking around and it would be unrealistic to get Brendan to feel comfortable enough to answer a few personal questions.

After the tour, Brendan sent Antony & Ian an email saying he’d be in Nice for a night & the next day if they wanted to do a follow up interview, now everyone was on the same page, this was an interview that needed to happen to complete the documentary, to give it that closure it so desperately needed & so with that both Antony & Ian, two very nervous flyers did a 24 hours in NICE, capturing an incredibly honest & emotional interview with Brendan B. Brown.

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