‘ALONE’ (Post Production) coming 2018
Shot on: S16mm

Writer/Director/Editor – Antony D. Lane
Director of Photography – Josh White
Sound – Antony D. Lane
Camera Assistant – Natalie Lacey

Starring: Neal Ward

‘Alone’ tells the story of a mysterious man lost in a desolate landscape, he tries to ring out for help, but fails to reach anyone, panic & anxiety take over, he tries again, this time he finally gets a hold of someone… but do they really want to help him? or keep him trapped & isolated?

Behind the scenes:
Director of photography Josh White reached out to Antony to test his new S16mm camera out, Antony suggested they use it to make a short film, Josh wrote a script & on the hottest day of the Summer 2017, Josh, Antony & actor Neal Ward headed out to the location, unfortunately the 2nd actor needed wasn’t able to make it, so whilst walking around the location Antony came up with a full short film idea, based on what they had at hand, which was ONE actor, TWO locations… but there still needed to be a twist in the tale, since Antony is heavily inspired by the original ‘Twilight Zone’ & ‘Outer Limits’… & then it hit him.

It’s important to raise as much awareness as possible to show those effected
that they’re NEVER ‘Alone’ & there will always be someone who cares.

‘Just Another Broken Clock’ (2016)
Shot on: Arri Amira, Red Scarlet X

Writer/Director/Editor – Antony D. Lane
Director of Photography – Josh White
SFX – Danny Allen
Music by – Daniel White, Romeo Kennedy

Starring: Antony D. Lane
Katie Lane
Daisy Lane
Indie Lane

‘Just Another Broken Clock’ is a short film that bravely deals with the stigma of mental
illness and the effects it can have on family life if left untreated. Told from the
perspective of a family man who on the outside has a loving family around him with
life going on as normal, but on the inside we can see a man suffering from the worst kind
of mental torture, created by himself, but can he escape his own inner demons in time?.

Behind the Scenes:
This is a very personal video for Kent based independent filmmaker Antony D. Lane who
has himself suffered quite badly from a nervous breakdown a few years ago & still to this day suffers from anxiety & depression, this has given Antony a complete understanding & an empathy to those suffering from mental health issues, so much so he was able to tap into his own unresoslved issues & push himself to play the main part of the family man.

This video was born out of a NEED, a MUST for Antony to be more honest with himself & those close to him, he wanted to express himself in the only way he knew how, through the creative art of filmmaking, so when an opportunity to make a video came up, he decided that this was his time to begin the self help process by telling his story & reaching out for help.

This could be technically classed as a short film & a music video… it was originally shot as a personal story & then thanks to an incredible US band called LATE CAMBRIAN, they then gave Antony a song called ‘DYBIL’ to be used as the soundtrack, which in places fits scarily well, since it was shot separate to the music.

In early 2018, Late Cambrian reached out to Antony to see if they could make it an official music video for their youtube channel, giving it a chance to reach even more people.

Click Here to watch the MUSIC VIDEO version of ‘Just Another Broken Clock’

As of March 2018, Antony is going back to the edit suite & creating a directors cut version, which basically means it’ll have more of a conventional short film feel about it, so there will be two versions of it. Thanks to the incredible musicians Daniel White & Romero Kennedy, it will now have another raw & gritty emotional layer to it, this version will then be sent to film festivals later in 2018 in the hope it will reach & inspire even more people to reach out.

We hope that this video can inspire those suffering in this world to know they’re not alone, for them to find some meaning that will help them to seek help. If it can just inspire a few people to either reach out for help or even to just admit there’s a much more serious issue, then this video will have done its job and together we can make people feel a little less alone.